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Welcome to Free Web Hosting Area!! You can reach us at

http://www.freewebhostingarea.com or short http://www.freewha.com.

Free Web Hosting Subdomain/Domain

Free subdomain hosting

 www. .
i.e. yourname

Free domain hosting (for already registered domain)
 i.e. www.yourdomain.com subdomain.yourdomain.de yourdomain.com.br or co.uk etc.

Our nameservers: ns1.freewha.com and ns2.freewha.com

FreeWHA is a long time running company. We offer free hosting from 2005 without interruption, giving you a guarantee and peace of mind that your account won't disappear overnight.

All countries and all languages are allowed as long as content is legal. Storage, download related or adult sites are strictly forbidden.


- fast hosting on multi CPU servers with 32/64 GB of RAM

- your account will never expire, but your site must have at least 1 visit each month;

- free web space - up to 1500MB with 12 MB file size limit; almost ALL files allowed for upload; no limit for number of files/inodes;

- unmetered traffic;

- daily/weekly backups on external source - peace of mind as your files will not be lost in case of server crash;

- no ads for small sites;

- cheap paid hosting upgrade available with absolutely no ads, just $1/month;

- free php5 hosting - (latest stable 5.4) with mail() active, GD2 library, php curl, php magickwand/imagick

(support for ImageMagick), php sockets, php xml, xsl, php soap, php pdo -- see default php variables;

- possibility to turn on/off php variables;

- Ioncube loader for php 5.4; memcache and memcached with igbinary support;

- free MySQL 5 database (latest stable 5.5);

- phpMyAdmin preinstalled; one click database backup;  one click database import;

- unlimited accounts/databases allowed (database number per account is limited, but you can create more accounts);

- account manager - tool to change account details, File Manager (WYSIWYG File Editor, FTP client - browser based, tool to set file permissions, to create directories, to create files, tool for renaming, zip/unzip utility and more).

- one click autoinstaller (free forum, blog): Joomla, phpBB3, SMF, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo;

- mod_rewrite enabled (apache 2.2); full dot files support (.htpasswd, .htaccess - possibility to set custom error pages, to block unwanted ips/sites, to turn on/off indexes etc. etc.);

- possibility to reset account, to fix ownership;

- predefined customizable error pages 403.html, 404.html;

- full FTP support, web-ftp application available;

- SSI support (Server Side Includes - .shtml);

- instant activation - registration process is automatic - you will be able to access your new account in minutes (or seconds, depending on how fast you fill the registration form);

- FREE 24/7 Technical Support;